Estates Theatre

The Estates Theatre in Prague is one of the most beautiful historical theatres in Europe and was opened in 1783 as the Nostic Theatre. It has changed its name many times as well as the owners. The founder of this theatre was very powerful man Count Nostic-Rienek who wanted to create a great theatre in opposition to Vienna Theatre.

The Estates Theatre will be forever linked with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the musical genius whose fortunes of life, art inspirations and work had such a dramatic impact on the city of Prague. The premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni was given here on October 29, 1787. On December 21, 1834, the song "Kde domov muj" (Where is my home) which later became the Czech national anthem was presentated on this stage for the first time.

Estates Theatre is connected with other great names, such as the leader of the theatre orchestra Carl Maria von Weber, singer Angelica Catalani, Niccolo Paganini, conductors Anton Rubinstein, Carl Goldmark, Gustav Mahler and many others.