Prague Buses

Most international buses arrive to Prague to Florenc (Krizikova street, Prague 8; lines B and C), fewer go to Roztyly (Rysaveho street, Prague 4; line C).

Other main bus stations are Na Knizeci (Nadrazni street, Prague 5; line B - Andel station), Holesovice (Partyzanska str., Prague 7; line C - Nadrazi Holesovice station) and Cerny Most (Chlumecka street, Prague 9; line B).

Prague buses run from 4:30 to 24:00 at intervals from 6-8 min (peak hours), 10-20 min (in normal hrs), to intervals of 15-30 min in the weekends.

Night buses run from 00:30 to 4:30 hours at intervals of 30 minutes. They are numbered 502 – 514, 601- 603.

Map of buses in Prague