Prague Metro (subway)

The Prague metro consist of 53 stations running mostly underground and is very fast, efficient and easy to use. It has three lines – A, B and C.

Line A (Green) - ending stations at Depo Hostivar (East) and Dejvicka (West)
Line B (Yellow) - ending stations at Cerny most (North East) and Zlicin (South-West)
Line C (Red) - ending stations at Letnany (North) and Haje (South East)

There are three transfer stations in the city center where two lines intersect:

Mustek (lower end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and B
Muzeum (upper end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and C
Florenc (main bus station) - lines B and C

Trains run from 5 a.m. till midnight in 2-3 min. intervals during peak hours and in 4-10 min. intervals in the off hours.

Schedule of metro stations